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Instructions to Authors of Articles

      Scientific articles on Formation of Urban Green Areas are published in the field of technological sciences, which analyze the problems associated with urban areas and green space environment. It may also be published articles in the landscape design, green space design, landscape architecture trend and other technological and engineering trends.

The journal publishes original unpublished research papers in Lithuanian, English and Russian languages.

Scientific articles should be of the following recommended structure:

•        Title of the article (14 pt Bold, centered);

•        Name and surname of the author (12 pt Bold, centered);

•        Institution (address, telephones, e-mail) (12 pt Italic, centered);

•        Annotation in the paper language (at least 500 symbols), at the end of the annotation not more than five key words (10 pt, Normal);

•        Introduction (12 pt Bold, centered);

•        Methodics of the research (methods) (12 pt Bold, centered);

•        Results (12 pt Bold, centered) ;

•        Discussion (12 pt Bold, centered);

•        Conclusions (12 pt Bold, centered);

•        List of literature (12 pt Bold, centered);

•        Summary (at least 250 words) in English (if the article is published in Lithuanian or Russian) or in Lithuanian (if the article is published in English) (10 pt, Italic);

•        The articles should be presented in Microsoft Word.

Page format

The article (text, formula, tables, figures) is bread boarded on A4 (210x297 mm) format pages with the following margins: top – 25 mm; bottom – 25 mm; left 22 mm, right – 18 mm.

Presentation and arrangement of information in the article

The main text of the article is printed in Times New Roman, 12 pt, font Normal, single spacing.

The first line indented 10 mm. Text should be justified.

Titles of all structural parts (chapters) are printed 12 pt, Bold, centered. Text should be left hand matching.

The space between text and title of chapters should be one line interval.

Titles of subchapters are started in new line, 12 pt, Italic, with the text being continued in the same line.

Main symbols of formulae are written in 12 pt, Italic, their indices – 10 pt. The formulae are centered and numbered with Arabic numerals in parentheses on the right side of the column. A formula is followed by full stop, if the meanings used are not explained; and by comma – if the meanings used are explained. Then new line without indent is started with a word “here” and explanation of every meaning is presented.

Tables and figures (no colour) should be presented after their references in the text but not after the conclusions. The titles of tables, graphs, figures, included notes should be presented in Lithuanian (or Russian) and English language. Figures and tables may be printed on the full page width. Diagrams and drawings are done with computer. Complex drawings done by hand, are scanned and, therefore, presented in separate file (*.tif or *pcx).

It can be submitted 2-4 colour photographs. But only of a high quality and good for reproduction photographs are presented.

Titles of figures, tables and notes are printed in (10 pt Normal, centered) in Lithuanian or Russian and in (10 pt, Italic) in English language.

In tables original text is written in 10 pt, Normal.

The space between figures, tables and text is one line interval.

After the main text of the article the List of Literature is presented. The List of Literature is compiled following bibliographic requirements and order of reference in the article.The List of Literature is printed in 10 pt, Normal. In the List of Literature it is recommended to include not less than 10 items cited in the List. The newest sources should be cited. Scientific reports, textbooks, directories, advertising leaflets, manuscripts, popular journals are not considering as the sources and are not included in the List. Titles of editions are not reduced. Lists of the Literature should be presented in original writing and in alphabetic order: first latin letters, and then cyrillics. In the List of Literature all the authors should be indicated by the second succession: the surname of the author, the first letter of a name, the title of the article, tome, publishing place, publishing year, pages.



1.        Miklušytė G., Sanderson R. P. Darnios plėtros ir ekologinių principų pritaikymas gyvenamosios aplinkos projektavime. Miestų želdynų formavimas. Mokslo darbai, Nr. 1(6). Klaipėda, 2009. P. 80–88.

2.        Nekrošienė R. Ornamental and Other Plants as Indicators of Environmental Quality. Kaunas, 2008.


If there are more than two authors of the cited publication, in the text the first one should be given with indications „et al“.

The List of Literature is followed by the summary written in foreign language.

Summary is written in 10 pt, Normal (at least 250 words).

The articles should be of 5-10 typed pages (including tables, illustrations, summaries, ect., but not included colour photographs).

Articles are reviewed and edited. Authors must correct them by recommendations of the reviewers or give reasons why are not correcting.

Articles are accepted continuously. You have to send the article and all its attachments in one set, and record CDs. You can send an electronic version by e-mail, too.


Articles send to:

Jurga Kučinskienė

Landscape Design Department

Faculty of Technology

Klaipėda State College

10 Bijūnų Street, LT -91223 Klaipėda, Lithuania


Articles can be sent to e-mail