Consultation activities

     Teachers of the Landscape design study programme are also involved in the consultation activities. From 2007 to 2009 teachers of the department published their articles in the city paper Klaipeda and provided consultation to the city public on the issues of planting, floristics and agronomy. Within this period they published 69 articles in the paper on the topics relevant for the city public. At this point it publishes short comments of the teachers on various issues related to cultivation of plants.

       Every year the teachers together with the students provide consultations and help arranging the parterres on the central street of Gargždai city.

      Teachers and students of the department provided their consultation on the issues of interior decoration and environmental management to the personnel of the day care centre Nykštukas in Palanga.

      Educational institutions and their representatives receive consultations in the field of floristics from the lecturer Regina Malakauskiene and aid in organisation of the events. In December 2010 the teacher participated in the city student competition Let Us Twine an Advent Wreath, which was organised by Klaipeda City museum Lithuanian Minor, as a member of the evaluation committee. In September 2007 and 2011 Regina Malakauskiene provided consultation and helped in organisation of the competitions organised by Palanga City Municipality: Autumn Bouquet Palanga 2007 and Bouquet for Ciurlionis.

     In 2008, Rita Nekrošiene was a member of the election committee in the competition Most Beautiful Farmstead of Melnrage and Giruliai (Klaipeda suburbs).