In the period of 2010-2012 eleven teachers of the LD study programme have been carrying out the project Renewal of the Study Programme at the Faculties of Technologies and Social Sciences of Klaipeda State College (VP1–2.2–ŠMM–07–K–01–068). During the project the teachers have been raising their qualification at various courses, such as ECDL training (60 hours), WebCT (40 hours), LANDCAD (40 hours), and SPSS (24 hours). Within the indicated period of time subject programmes were renewed, their descriptions and syllabi were prepared, and the tasks of practical and independent work were created; all the materials are publicised in the Moodle environment. Methodical teaching materials were prepared and published.

   In the period of 2005-2007 the mobility project Improvement of the Quality of Training of Environmental Planting and Landscape Specialists in Order to Stimulate Development of Recreational and Educational Activities in Plantings (Nr. LT/06/EX/1/0999) as a part of the Leonardo da Vinci programme, where 5 teachers from the Department of Landscape Management were involved.