About study programme "Landscape Design"

Objective(s) of a study programme:

•     to train Landscape Designers who are able to apply professional knowledge dealing with the tasks in landscape design, applying  landscaping technologies and organizing landscaping works; to collect, analyze and evaluate data necessary for the landscape design; to select project options, possible landscaping methods with regard to environment, restrictive conditions, aesthetical, ecological and economic factors and expected operating conditions; to draw up a project for work technology; to supervise performance of certain works;

•     to develop professional and personal skills and civic moral values;

•     to provide  higher education college degree, professional Bachelor's degree in Landscape Design, certifying acquired competencies.


Study subjects (modules), practical training:

Workload of general education consists of 26 credits; workload of special education consists of 150 credits including 101 credits related to the study field, 7 credits of optional (alternative) subjects, 33 credits of professional practical training, 9 credits of thesis preparation and assessment, 9 credits of free-optional subjects.

The main subjects of the study field: Landscape Architecture, Dendrology And Decorative Plant Arboretums, Floriculture, Green Space Design, Plant Composition and Colour Matching, 3D Landscape Design.

The graduates may continue their studies at university to acquire Bachelor‘s degree. Having completed supplementary studies or accomplished other requirements established by the higher education institution, the graduates are entitled to enroll in the second study cycle Master’s studies.